Why I’m Buying An iPad2

Yup. I’m buying an iPad2. In fact, I’m going to go wait in line at Best Buy for the 5pm release on Friday, March 11. I’m excited.

Some of my friends and followers have asked me a simple question when I bring it up: Why?

So here’s a brief rundown of my reasons.

  1. I didn’t buy the iPad1.
    I didn’t jump in during the first round of the iPad because I wanted Apple to work out the bugs. I wanted to see if this really was an idea that would catch on. I knew the second version of the iPad2 would be better.
  2. The iPad2 is better than the iPad1.
    I love the improvements. They added cameras, faster processors, thinner design, and a very cool smart cover (add-on). It’s time to jump in iPad pond.
  3. This will get used.
    I use my MacBook Pro and iPhone all the time. This won’t sit on the shelf or in my bag. I can already see how I’ll use this, resulting in using those other two items less. I can see how I’ll use it for presentations, for trips, for videos, for games, for conversations, etc.
  4. I’ve been saving up for it.
    I have been stockpiling BestBuy gift cards in anticipation of this purchase. So it’s not some type of impulse buying experience. I’ve actually put money away over the last year or so to get one of these in my hands. Some have also asked which version I’ll buy. I’m going for the 64GB WiFi version. I figure I’ll have it for awhile so I want as much storage as I can get. I pay for 3G access on my iPhone. I don’t want to add another subscription on top of that.
  5. I’m an early adopter.
    This may sound like an argument against #1, but I think the iPad hasn’t gone mainstream yet. With the release of the iPad2, I think we’ll see this device integrated even more into everyday life. There will be more students who have one. There will be more organizations that use them. There will be more apps that are helpful. I want to be on the front end of all of that.
  6. It’s cool.
    Come on…you know what I mean. It looks cool. It feels cool. It has that Apple aesthetic that makes people admire both form and function. I guess I’m a sucker for all things “i”.

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be lurking close by the Boise Best Buy, waiting for the 5pm release. And if that doesn’t sound trendy, I’ll have visited the Starbucks across the parking lot prior to standing in line. I will post pics on Twitter throughout the event. If you want to follow along you can follow me there.

I’ll probably do an “unboxing” video as well. Stay tuned.

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