Let's Move Forward Together

Hi! I'm Tim.

Leadership has saved my life...more than once.

And by leadership, I mean the ability to lead myself through crazy transitions and a wide variety of experiences. Learning to lead myself (from the inside out) has been my greatest resource in the midst of every situation.

I understand a lot about transitions. Growing up, I lived in 21 different dwelling places and went to 11 different schools - all by the time I graduated from high school. Over the course of my life, I've worked within the walls of the church, the halls of academia and the stalls (cubicles) of the corporate environment. I even the balls to start a company from the ground up.

I've stepped away from positions more than once without knowing what the next thing was going to be. I've been through broken relationships and failed dreams. I've experienced a lot of incredible highs and devastating lows. Yet, in each and every transition, there was something that I needed to learn in order to grow and expand. It was in the fertile soil of uncertainty that I connected with something deep inside of me. While I couldn't see it in the moment, each transition created space for me to better understand myself and what was important to me.

This is why I help people learn to lead themselves well. It's a requirement if we want to lead others better. I share messages and motivation that inspires others to move forward and navigate toward what's next.

No matter what your level of responsibility within your team or organization – leadership always starts with you. 

I have four values I do my best to intentionally live into every day:
• Laughing – bringing joy and humor to people in whatever we're doing.
• Creating – designs and ideas and experiences that engage people and bring clarity to how we live.
• Moving Forward – toward what's next! We don't get better by going backward.
• Connecting – with myself and others in a way that brings us closer to Life.