Where you are and where you want to be are connected, but not certain.

You have to work hard, each day, to slowly transform where you are into where you want to be.


Communicator. Learner. funny guy.

Hi! I'm Tim. Throughout my life, I've worked within the walls of the church, the halls of academia and the stalls (cubicles) of the corporate environment. In all of my different roles, I created tools and resources to help people lead themselves (and others) well. I'm the author of five books, including Leadership Starts With You and Leadership Is Not About You.

I live in Idaho. All four of my kids, boy/girl/boy/girl are no longer minors and have moved up to majors. During the workday, I'm the Marketing Director for a small credit union. For more details about my professional journey, visit my Linkedin profile.

Here's what you really need to know about me: Leadership saved my life. More specifically, learning to lead myself has taught me how to live a better life. Ever felt like you're drifting, like you've settled, unhappy with life in general? I've been there. I believe each one of us has a leadership moment. It's the moment begin taking responsibility for our own lives and navigate through whatever pain, struggle, or trauma (you know, the easy stuff :)) we must face to grow, mature and move toward the life we've dreamed about.