Hi! I'm Tim. Here are some of the things I LOVE:

Jesus, my kids, coffee shops, mountains, oceans, good friends, super hero movies, apple computers, dusk, graphic design, inspiring people from behind a microphone, sudoku, road trips, a good breakfast, the foo fighters, telling a good story, golfing, naps, and learning.

My personal mission in life is to help others move forward and make progress. I do my best work when I'm teaching or training in front of a group. If I'm in the front of the room, it's pretty much guaranteed that we're going to laugh, inspire each other and leave better than when we came in. I've spent the last 30 years developing and delivering leadership tools, resources and training materials while working within the walls of the church, the halls of academia and the stalls (cubicles) of the corporate world.

let's connect

My contact info is below. I also go by "timage" with some of my friends and use that name on certain social media channels as well. As you can see, there are lots of ways to connect with me.