The Best Version Of You

There are a number of versions of you (and me) out there.

In 1955, Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham developed an interpersonal relationship and communication tool known as the Johari Window. This tool placed the various perspectives of “you” into four basic quadrants.

  1. Open:  This is the version of you that everyone (including yourself) can see.
  2. Hidden:  This is the version of you that others can’t see but you are aware of.
  3. Blind Spot: This is the version of you that you can’t see but others are aware of.
  4. Unknown: This is the version of you that neither you or others can see.

The Johari Window is useful for personal development, especially as one is involved with leading and guiding a team of people. There are always a number of versions that we perceive of ourselves and others. Those versions are changing, evolving, and developing – both intentionally or not.

While some of us may wrestle all of the time with this sense of multiple personalities, there is a best version of you in all of this. The best version of you is found in the “open” quadrant.

This is where trust is built.
This is where bonding occurs.
This is where character is revealed.
This is where influence is developed.
This is where communication is open and honest.
This is where one can make the greatest difference.

In our current culture, there is an outspoken cry for transparency from those in leadership. That’s why I believe that you’ll become the best version of yourself (as well as help others become their best self) as you move in the direction of the open quadrant.

What do you think?

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