Leaders Help Everyone Look Good In The Group Picture

I’d like to introduce you to what I’m calling, The Principle Of The Group Picture. It’s really simple. You are in a group picture. The picture comes back. When you see the actual picture, the law goes into effect…

The first person you will look for and look at in a group picture…is you.

Come on. Admit it. You look at the group picture and you’re checking to see what you look like. You want to see what your expression is. You’re looking to see if it was a bad hair day.

There’s a couple of other principles that fall under the “you look for you first” principle. They are…

  1. If you look good, it’s a good group photo. It doesn’t matter if everyone else is making a funny face or is blurry or foaming at the mouth. You look good = good group picture.
  2. If you don’t think you look good, it’s not a good group photo. You could have one hair out of place or you blinked or half your head is behind someone’s waving arm. You don’t look good = bad group picture.

This principle has profound implications for leaders who are trying to cast a vision for their team. An effective vision will include everyone in the Big Picture. Leaders need to ask: Can the people I lead actually see themselves in this vision?

If the people you lead can’t see themselves in the Big Picture…it’s not a good picture.
If the people you lead don’t feel like they look their best in the Big Picture…it’s not a good picture.
If the people you lead aren’t present for the Big Picture…it’s not a good picture.

Bottom line: Create a clear and compelling picture for the future. Put your people in the picture. Make sure they see themselves as a significant and vital part of the picture.

Because when they look at the picture, they’re going to look for themselves first.

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