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Struggling to find the right person to speak or train your leaders?

You want to make sure you don't bore them with something they don't need.

You want to bring in someone who can over-deliver on your expectations.

You want someone who knows what it takes to earn their audience's attention.

The last person you brought in didn't hit the ball out of the park. You need guarantees.

You want your leaders to be inspired as well as prepared.

You want to work with someone who makes it easy on you and is hassle-free.

Tim Milburn checks each one of your boxes!

What sets tim apart? Tim takes the complex and makes it simple
Tim likes to laugh (mostly at himself)
Tim gives his audience a chance to feel something while they learn something
Tim speaks from experience, lots of it
Tim has spoken hundreds of times to groups of all sizes
Tim Speaks To Groups Just Like Yours


sports teams


independent consultants


small businesses

fortune 500 companies

“Tim taught a session to all my general managers.
The content was amazing.
Another division asked to open the divider wall between rooms
just to see the presentation.
He had everyone laughing and learning."

— Robert Hensmen, Division Director – Love's Travel Stops


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