Whatever your next is, it takes leadership to navigate toward it!

I'm Tim Milburn. I've invested the last 30+ years developing tools and resources to help people lead themselves (and others) well. I'm the author of five books, including Leadership Starts With You and Leadership Is Not About You. I founded Lifelong Leaders, a community of people who help the world navigate toward what's next.  More about Tim...

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Lifelong Leaders was created to bring together people who want to invest more intentionally in learning to lead themselves and others better.

• Meet people who share the same desire – to be a better leader of themselves and others.

• Create a steady habit of investing in yourself, enhancing your own leadership journey

• Find a little inspiration, thought-provoking conversation and expert perspective each and every day

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Lead yourself first so you'll lead others better.


Leadership Starts With You

Want to earn that leadership position? It starts by leading yourself well.
Want to lose that leadership position? It'll happen by leading yourself poorly.

This workshop inspires everyone to be a leader...of themselves. Your team will learn how to take responsibility for their own choices, grow their self-awareness and develop the habits we all need to lead ourselves well.


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No yelling. No judgment. No running laps.

Unless your #1 goal is running laps. As a coach, I'll help you chart the course toward your future. I'll help you work past your limiting beliefs, overcome your excuses and bring clarity to achieving the life you want. One step at a time, I will partner with you, motivate you and encourage you as you take responsibility to navigate toward what's next.

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