The wisest investment you can make
is learning to lead yourself well

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The Life You Lead

It's time to stop leading people and start leading "lives." It's a subtle difference that makes a huge impact in the way you lead and others follow. This workshop walks you through the simple perspective and path you can use to make this shift and strengthen your approach.



Leadership Starts
With You

Your effectiveness in leading the lives of others starts inside of you. This workshop will show you how to develop the life-changing habits and behaviors you need to lead yourself well and improve the way you lead others.



Your Team Needs
(WANTS) A Coach

The best time to learn to be a good coach was yesterday. People don't want bosses, they want coaches. This workshop will teach you how to integrate the tools and techniques great coaches use.


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Whatever your next is, it takes leadership to navigate toward it!

I'm Tim Milburn. I've invested the last 30+ years developing tools and resources to help people lead themselves (and others) well. I'm the author of five books, including Leadership Starts With You and Leadership Is Not About You. I founded Lifelong Leaders, a community of people who help the world navigate toward what's next.  More about Tim...