It’s Time To Get Better At Making Harder Decisions

It’s easy to make a decision if the consequences don’t effect us. This is why we give free advice.

It’s easy to make a decision if it requires no action on our part. This keeps our comfort zone intact.

It’s easy to make a decision if we don’t have to change anything. This maintains the status quo.

Leadership isn’t necessary to make these types of decisions. There’s little risk and less responsibility.

This was the benefit of working on an assembly line. Most of the decisions were already made before we got the job. Little risk and less responsibility.

But the assembly line days are over. The transition to a more autonomous and remote workforce requires more and more of us to make intentional decisions quickly in the face of risk, change and a lack of information.

Leadership is necessary and essential to make these types of decisions. Necessary, because we need people who are capable of making the harder decisions. Essential, because we need people who will carry the weight of responsibility for those decisions once they’re made.

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More and more people want to be their OWN BOSS. Is that you? The thing most people don’t stop and consider is the kind of boss they’re going to be. The thing most newly minted entrepreneurs struggle with is figuring out how to best lead themselves.

That’s why I created a community for people who want to make their wisest leadership investment – in themselves. The community is called Lifelong Leaders and is launching soon.

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