Holding Your Magnifying Glass Over The Wrong Thing

I’m learning to love analytics.

Actually, I’m learning to love the insights that are gained through analytics. I can drill down to the smallest detail with the right tool.

Analytics provide insights I can’t get through my normal view. It’s like holding a magnifying glass over the intricate behavior of clicks, referrals, page views and interactions.

It’s harder to find tools that provide detailed information on the depth of my relationships. Those measurements are much more fluid and subjective. I can’t pull up an app on my phone to see if there’s a green, yellow or red light next to my relational status with my friends, family or co-workers.

Perhaps we’re tempted to focus more on the work because it’s easier to measure. But easier doesn’t lead to effective.

Effective leadership occurs when we focus more on the people we work with than the work itself. We still see the work, but we move the magnifying glass on to the people. We find out what lies below the surface. We focus in on what inspires, motivates, encourages and challenges them to be their best selves and produce their best work. This is much harder to figure out and navigate.

If we do this the wrong way, it looks like micro-management and creates distance. If we do this the right way, it looks like empowerment and creates connections.

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