A Mistake Is An Opportunity

Let’s be honest – we all make mistakes.

Once you get past that (or embrace it and own it), there’s something good that can happen here.

Mistakes create opportunities.

Opportunities to laugh.
Opportunities to learn.
Opportunities to admit it.
Opportunities to make a change.
Opportunities to grow…smarter, wiser, better, ________er!

It’s really not about the mistake as much as it’s about your reaction and others reaction to it.

I know there are some mistakes you can’t bounce back from. But for the most part, mistakes occur a lot more than we’d like to admit.

And that may be the biggest obstacle we face when it comes to mistakes.

I learned a lot from the story of Jim Joyce, a veteran MLB umpire. ESPN’s Amy K. Nelson does an excellent job telling it here. I strongly encourage you to take a few moments and read it. He made a mistake during the 2010 season that shows both the good and the bad that can come from making a mistake.

There’s something beautiful and wonderful and uniquely human when we are able to turn mistakes into opportunities for something greater than the pain of the mistake.

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