You Can’t Control The Weather

Last night, our student leadership team was hosting our annual Rootbeer Fest. It’s one of our biggest events of the year and kicks off Week One events.

Our students pulled out all of the stops this year and rented a giant screen and 7000 lumen projector from the City of Meridian. They bought a powerful FM transmitter and transformed the parking lot of the Johnson Sports Center into a Drive-In Movie. It was awesome.

Until the weather turned windy and rainy.

Darned weather.

Leadership Marks

Every student leader has the opportunity to leave a mark on their campus and community.

The question is, what kind of mark are you going to leave?

The following 5 minute seminar addresses some of the marks a “good” leader will leave. Using the symbols we encounter everyday on our computers and keyboards, I tie them to key leadership attributes. When you know what kind of “leadership mark” you hope to leave, you can begin to do the things that are necessary on a daily basis.

A leadership mark is something that you make daily, not in a day.

What mark stood out for you in the presentation?

Spewing or Doing

We just completed our student leadership retreat – we call it LEAD.

This year we did something a bit different in our training. Each of us who spoke were given FIVE minutes and TWENTY slides. We got the idea from an event that takes place here in Boise (called Ignite Boise). So we spoke on a specific topic for 5 minutes while our slides switched every 15 seconds in the background.

I chose the topic of Servant Leadership. My talk was a bit tongue-in-cheek. Sometimes you teach by comparison…this talk used contrast. I’ve got the video below and inserted the slides I created to go along with it.

Let me know what you think.

Best Movie Of The Summer

And the winner is…Inception!

All I could say when I walked out of the movie theater at the end of this film was three words:

What A Ride!

Inception is an action packed film starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Armed with the ability to enter into the dreams of others, the characters maneuver to retract information from people who simply assume they’re having a dream. While this process is unique, it is when they are challenged with the task of not recovering information, but rather, implanting a subtle idea in someone – an idea that could change the direction of everything. This process is called “inception.”

As I sat there watching the movie on the edge of my seat, I was amazed at how much my senses were engaged in the compelling plot and action sequences. I quickly noticed the soundtrack was captivating and moving and drew me in to every scene. Just another piece of stellar work by composer Hans Zimmer (of Pirates of the Caribbean fame). The movie operates on a variety of levels, some more obvious than others. This keeps you thinking throughout the entire film. When one question was answered another one was raised. And the ending leaves you gasping with a bit of a cliffhanger moment. Leaving things a bit unresolved causes you to reflect all over again on the sequence of events you just witnessed.

Both the soundtrack and the movie are must-buy items for me. I will be seeing this movie again. It is one that I still find myself thinking about.

I’ve included the trailer below for you to enjoy.

The Smartest Person In The Room

…doesn’t have to be the leader.

Now I don’t mean to say that the leader doesn’t need intelligence, or common sense, or some type of intellectual capacity. What I do mean to say is the leader doesn’t have to know more than everyone else. In fact, I also think the leader doesn’t always have to know HOW to do things better than everyone else in the room.

Here’s what I’ve learned: the leader doesn’t have to be the smartest person in the room if he or she has brought smart people onto the team and doesn’t let ego get in the way.

Do you really want the level of your team’s success to be dependent on your IQ?!?

5x5s – Five Minute Training Worksheet

Five by Fives (5x5s)

Five Things To Think About For Five Minutes

Note: This is a reposting of a resource I originally wrote for

Running Effective Meetings.  Brainstorming.  Fundraising.  Working With Advisors.  Handling Conflict.  Getting New Members For Your Organization.  Publicity.  Leading.  Follow-Up.

How do you effectively train for these things in short, bite-sized amounts of time?  How can you equip students or anyone else in many of these areas and more, even if you’re not present?

In my planning for another great year of student leadership training, I want to show you a tool I designed for busy students (and their busy advisors, mentors, teachers!).  I needed something that wouldn’t take a lot of time, but would give students some handles on an issue and then allow them to wrestle with it for a little bit.  The key was creating something simple.

Tim’s Bejeweled Blitz Tips

There are a couple of games on my iPhone and Facebook that I tend to find time to play when I need a few minutes of mindlessness. One of those games is Bejeweled Blitz.

While I’m not an expert, I do find myself near the top of the high score list frequently (at least among the friends I have on Facebook). Some people notice this and ask me how I do it. That’s why I’m writing this post. I want to share some of the things I’ve learned that have helped me better my score.