Best Movie Of The Summer

And the winner is…Inception!

All I could say when I walked out of the movie theater at the end of this film was three words:

What A Ride!

Inception is an action packed film starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Armed with the ability to enter into the dreams of others, the characters maneuver to retract information from people who simply assume they’re having a dream. While this process is unique, it is when they are challenged with the task of not recovering information, but rather, implanting a subtle idea in someone – an idea that could change the direction of everything. This process is called “inception.”

As I sat there watching the movie on the edge of my seat, I was amazed at how much my senses were engaged in the compelling plot and action sequences. I quickly noticed the soundtrack was captivating and moving and drew me in to every scene. Just another piece of stellar work by composer Hans Zimmer (of Pirates of the Caribbean fame). The movie operates on a variety of levels, some more obvious than others. This keeps you thinking throughout the entire film. When one question was answered another one was raised. And the ending leaves you gasping with a bit of a cliffhanger moment. Leaving things a bit unresolved causes you to reflect all over again on the sequence of events you just witnessed.

Both the soundtrack and the movie are must-buy items for me. I will be seeing this movie again. It is one that I still find myself thinking about.

I’ve included the trailer below for you to enjoy.

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