Why We Need To Put Mindfulness into IT

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What does mindfulness have to do with information technology (IT for short)? It is an important question to ask, but don’t dismiss the thought just now. Mindfulness is a meditative practice that consists of focusing on your sense of awareness of each moment. Mindfulness has three main components that need to be developed accordingly. 

Firstly, mindfulness practice cultivates awareness. It isn’t a detached retrospective process, but one that is linked to your surroundings, your inner thoughts and sensations, etc. To be able to proceed with self-awareness, you need to embrace a non-judgmental attitude; otherwise, you could be dismissing crucial sensations. Finally, it is all about the moment present, about being here and now and observing its unfoldings. 

While IT can be a lot of things, most remain obscure to anyone who doesn’t understand the tech jargon. But mindfulness is something we all understand. And that’s precisely why using it as a starting point for your tech needs can make IT more accessible. 

The ritual that keeps you anchored

Starting well every day puts you in charge of your day without wasting your energy on negativity. That’s where a morning ritual can help keep you anchored and centered. We all have routines that refresh and boost our moods. A routine brings reassurance because it is time that you intentionally reserve for yourself. Your infrastructure also needs a similar ritual to remain efficient and perform day after day. Experts such as https://www.networkingsolutions.net/ have experience providing managed IT services that establish security and protection “routines”. Just like your morning ritual is a self-caring act that eliminates negative thoughts, managed IT services offer a similar approach that removes harmful risks. 

Reaching out to each other for growth

As you become aware of your position in the world, you also realize that you can’t go far without others. We need others to grow, as this article brilliantly explains: https://medium.com/age-of-awareness. People are social creatures that have to feel connected to feed on each other’s needs, exist meaningfully, and build a trustworthy path. We learn from each other and that’s why we are stronger together than alone. In the IT world, networks are the component that reflects human nature the most faithfully. Indeed, networks rely on each other for growth purposes. Without connection, a network can only provide limited services and functions. However, just like with relationships, you can’t afford to connect your network to agents that could put its integrity at risk. 

Photo Credit: Unsplash – CC0 License 

Knowing yourself to overcome your weaknesses

Nobody is perfect. For instance, successful people are no better than you and me. But they are aware of their weaknesses. They have a fair assessment of who they are and what they can and can’t do. Awareness of your weaknesses gives you a unique power to overcome them. IT also needs a clear overview of its weaknesses, such as identifying vulnerable security areas, software limitations, and infrastructure deployment. As digital risks show no sign of slowing down, an IT solution that maintains self-awareness can proactively fix potential issues before they cause damages. 

In conclusion, it’s worth applying your mindful habits to your IT strategy. The process can help identify essential processes that need to be implemented to bring your business further. More importantly, it also demystifies IT once and for all. 

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