Create A Morning Ritual That Gets You Going

When I think about starting well, I’m not just thinking about projects or tasks. We get to practice starting well each and every day. That’s where I’m finding a lot of value.

As I transitioned from working in a corporate environment to becoming a solopreneur (three months ago!), I sat down and wrote down what a perfect day would look and feel like for me. This exercise forced me to think about how I wanted to organize my day. I realized very quickly that if I’m in charge of my time, then I need to be IN CHARGE of my time.

I’d encourage you to do this exercise. Time is valuable. You can spend it frivolously or invest it wisely. By writing down what a “perfect” day looked like, I created a target on the wall. I could approach each day with intentionality.

My perfect day begins with a morning ritual. This is how I want to start each and every day. My morning ritual contains practices that get me started right. It also requires me to get up earlier than normal. I say “normal” because I’m not an early riser. But getting up earlier has proven over and over again how much momentum it creates at the start of my day.

If I get up at my normal time, I’m rushing through my morning. If I get up earlier, I’m preparing for my morning.

I’m going to share my morning ritual with you. Remember, this is MY morning ritual. If you do this exercise, you need to create YOUR own, based on your own desires and needs. Here’s mine:

  • Drink a bottled water
  • Stretch/pushups
  • Devotional/Prayer/Journal
  • Goals/Mantra/Gratitude
  • Look through the day
  • Shower/Dress/Breakfast

Pretty basic. If you want to know more about why each of these practices is valuable to me, hit reply and we can chat about it.

The point is to be intentional. When I walk through my morning ritual, I’m more focused, energized, motivated and ready to follow through on the rest of my day. I don’t always get it perfect and I don’t beat myself up if I miss something.

Do you have a morning ritual? What would/could you do if you got up thirty minutes earlier?

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