Which Is More Fair?

Here’s another difference between whiners and winners.

A whiner will demand more equality.

A winner will earn more equity.

The feeling that life’s not fair is more of an excuse than a reason. Some folks want to be treated like everyone else or afforded the same opportunity as everyone else…except they don’t want to have to put the same amount of work into it.

I’m not talking about things like honor, respect, kindness, and dignity. Every person should be treated well.

I’m talking about the employee who demands the same type of raise because everyone else gets one, but he or she didn’t make the same level of contribution to the organization. I’m talking about the student who feels like he or she deserves the same grade as the other three members of the group project, but only did 1/8th of the work. I’m talking about the younger sibling who doesn’t get the same rights and privileges as older siblings, but only because he or she doesn’t show the same level of responsibility necessary for those things.

Whiners cry “equality” as their only recourse for reward based on poor effort.

Winners focus on equity. They spend time adding value, investing their resources, and building something that turns our better than they found it. Just like the home owner who pays down a mortgage and grows equity in a house, a winner pays the price to grow in ways that add value both to person and purpose.

I suppose the hardest part is when the whiners do receive the same reward as the winners. But then it only goes to prove what we knew all along…that life really isn’t fair.

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