A Leader’s Job Security

Problems are job security for leaders.

If there aren’t any problems to solve then there really isn’t a need for leaders. If everything was easy, leaders wouldn’t be essential.

Watch what happens when those around you encounter problems. Each of us face a temptation to do one of the following:

Ignore it.
Avoid it.
Run from it.
Complain about it.

How many times have you seen a group of people talk through various strategies that buy into one of those temptations?

Time and again, I’ve seen people rise to leadership or confirm their role as the leader because they chose another option when it came to problems:

Solve it.

In the Old Testament, David had already been selected to be the next king after Saul. There was a position to be filled.  But it wasn’t until David courageously faced the problem on the battlefield in the form of a giant named Goliath that his credibility as a leader was apparent. He was the only one willing to do what needed to be done to solve the problem.

One of the questions I challenge student leaders with each year is this: What problem will you solve this year so that the person who follows you in your position won’t have to face it next year?

The world is full of problem ignorers, problem avoiders, and problem complainers. Wouldn’t you like to be known as a problem solver?

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