Video: Got A Minute? #9: Show > Tell

One of my favorite activities in early elementary school was Show & Tell. It was fun to see different students bring in their treasures and share them with the rest of the class. Sometimes, it even involved “live animals!”

But just think how uneventful Show & Tell would be if it’s just Tell. In the real world, we call that a lecture. Attention is always harder to get or maintain in a lecture.

This is why Show is greater than Tell. I think you need both. But if you’re going to increase your influence – if you want your message to be more memorable – put more energy into showing. Give people an image they can latch onto through your example, behavior, or actions.

If you’ve got a minute, then hit play to find out this week’s tip to increase your influence.

Got A Minute? #9 – Show > Tell

Got A Minute #9 from tim milburn on Vimeo.

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