The Time To Look Ahead As An Entreprenuer, Is Right Now

Who in the world would have guessed that we would currently be in a global lockdown? It’s truly an incredible moment in human history. It’s a gigantic challenge for entrepreneurs and leaders in business, who no doubt feel absolutely helpless right now. Consumers are clamping down on their wallets. Businesses from around the world are shutting down and laying off workers. What can you do as an entrepreneur to stave off having to do the same? The danger of having to close your business for good, is so very real. It’s the wolf pawing at your door. You don’t have to give up and invite him in, because you can fight hard and win. The time to look ahead is right now!

Connecting with clients

Stop feeling sorry for yourself, and get proactive. Write an email to all your clients, telling them what you intend to do. You won’t give up and you will not sail off into the night silently. You will figure out a way to keep operations continuing in some capacity. What you need to do is to open up new communication channels via some kind of conference call software. There are a number of types that you can utilize. Skype is very easy to use and can be linked directly to your Google or Microsoft account. This will help you transfer all your client details into a phonebook. You can also use Zoom, which has features that allow you to share videos, documents, reports, emails and pretty much anything. Google Meet is also a great software as it allows you to share files straight from your Google Drive. Keep connecting with clients and report to them weekly about what you’re getting up to.

Make customers feel confident

Some customers will continue to shop as postal services are considered essential services. This means that customers will also want to send back items they do not like. Clients may also want to send you confidential documents such as company reports or maybe even updates to your contract with them. Using a virtual physical address you don’t need to leave your home to receive them. They will scan all your posts and send them directly to you via email. You can also have them forward the postal mail to your house, which is crucial for real-world documents such as contracts. There’s no obligation to sign up to the service, so you can leave whenever you wish no strings attached. Customers will feel confident in your brand when they can return items even during the pandemic.

What if this happens again?

You should be asking yourself, what if something like this happens again? Placing structures between you and any type of crisis is vital. Creating an emergency fund is going to behave like a bulwark between your business and utter disaster. The best sort of firepower during crises is cold hard cash. It can be instantly used and no one will refuse it. 

Leadership is about risk management and understanding what matters most to your clients and customers. Consumers must have confidence in your business, and good customer relations means upholding your returns policy. 

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