New Book: Leadership Starts With You

I’ve discovered there is one thing every effective leader has in common. It doesn’t have anything to do with one’s personality or achieving a certain position or even one’s leadership style.

It is the determination to lead yourself first. It is the ability to lead yourself well.

Introducing my latest book: Leadership Starts With You

As I work with emerging leaders, students who are knee deep in the laboratory of leadership, I’ve discovered that they’re not only learning to lead others well – they’re learning how to lead themselves well. In fact, more often than anything else, it is their inability to lead themselves that leads to their biggest mistakes, blunders, and outright failures.

Of course, that’s not just true for students, it’s true for everyone who seeks to serve others in a leadership role. Self-leadership precedes successful leadership. It’s true when you lead a club. It’s true when you lead a campus. It’s true when you lead a corporation.

I share why I wrote this book in the opening pages…

That’s why I’ve written this book. We need you. The people you lead or may someday lead need you on a regular and consistent basis. We need you to lead yourself well so you can lead others well. The investment you make in you is actually an investment in those whom you’ll influence.

At this point, I’m making the book available as a digital download (pdf, kindle, and soon on the nook). There’s a lot of information about what’s inside on the book’s webpage ( It’s a fairly quick read at just over 17,000 words. But the principles and insights you takeaway will stick with you for quite awhile. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Keep the promises you make to yourself as a way to keep the promises you make to others.
  • Develop a disciplined framework to your life.
  • Apply The Rhodium Rule – the one rule that tells you why self-leadership is so important.
  • Create a growth P.L.A.N. that actually works.
  • Get the most value out of each day.
  • Take responsibility for your life rather than accept it.
  • Assess your own character to identify your own blind spots.
  • Capitalize on improving your physical health to improve all other areas of your life.
  • Take an authentic look at your life and approach your shortcomings with humility.
  • Lead yourself in front of others to develop influence with others.

Also, with the release of this book, I am looking for readers who can provide some review/recommendation quotes to highlight on the book’s page. I believe that you will find this book extremely helpful in your own self-leadership practices. Your comments and shared experiences with this resource can help me get it into the hands of others who will benefit from it as well.

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