The “Leadership Is Not About You” Reviews

One of the best parts of launching a book is making new friends.

Someone once told me that “a book is a business card that people don’t throw away.” I’d have to agree.

Writing a book creates all kinds of opportunities for conversations. I’ve already begun communicating with people about the book on three different continents other than my own. One person wrote back with some helpful feedback on how to make the book even better. What a gift!


Speaking of gifts, here are a few of the initial reviews from those who received an early release of the book. I’m taking these straight off of the Amazon page.

Leadership Is Not About You is one of the books that let me believe that leadership is not about position, it is all about extending ourselves from a state of just doing our job obligations to a state of grasping opportunities to do what we like to change and accomplish.”
-Jinan Chaya

“Tim’s principle-centered leadership training reads like he is having a casual, fun conversation with an aspiring leader while detailing a game plan for successful service. Tim addresses how leaders encourage and motivate–adding purpose to leadership. Having worked in youth leadership development for over 15 years, I would highly recommend this easy read, inspirational book as one of your primary resources.”
-Sharon Stallings

“At last, a cogent approach to breaking down “every-day people” leadership, especially since it’s presented is in an easy read format AND untainted by statistical jargon. I liked it because it allows individuals at any level of personal and professional development to really “get” that leadership can be an act of individual perspective-setting rather than something loftily anointed. I gave the book a 5-Star rating because Milburn’s leadership insights, in addition to being eye-opening, provide me the opportunity to recommend it to my network and in the Bibliography section of the training manual for my governance training seminar as a “must read”. The world needs more “authentic H.E.R.O.s” claiming that “they were just doing their jobs”.”
-Linda Bolliger

“Tim has written a book about a much needed topic! I work with thousands of student leaders (in Australia) and too many of them are excited when they receive leadership positions because they think leadership is all about them. I will certainly be passing on ideas from this book and will be encouraging many of them to buy it. I found it easy to read and straight to the point… with plenty of great examples too. Highly recommended.”
-Ronan McGinniss

The Leadership Is Not About You Launch

To celebrate the release of this book, I created some bonus material you can receive for free if you purchase the book during the launch period.

The launch will run from January 13-22, 2014. During that 10 day period, when you purchase the paperback copy through you will receive the following bonus material:

  • The audio version of Leadership Is Not About You (read by me!)
  • The Kindle version of Leadership Is Not About You (.mobi file)
  • The Leadership Is Not About You study guide

HERE’S HOW: To receive these bonuses, simply copy and paste your receipt from Amazon into an email, showing you purchased the book between January 13-22, 2014. Send it to [email protected]. I will respond to your email with a special link to access all of the bonus material.

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