The Art Of Getting Things Done

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Have you noticed that there are some people who can do a year’s worth of work in a month, and those who take a whole year just to do a month’s worth? If so, you’re a good observer, because that’s exactly what happens in the real world. Some leaders just power through tasks while others take ages to get anything done. 

It turns out that doing stuff is an art as much as it is a science. There are certain techniques that simply work. 

But what are they? Let’s find out. 

Come Up With A Daily Theme

Instead of rushing about all over the place, trying to get anything and everything done, develop a theme for the day. Find a topic that brings everything together so that you can focus on related tasks that relate to each other. 

When you work in this way, things become more efficient and productive. You find that you’re able to get more done each day and avoid having to stay at work so late. 

Do One Thing At A Time

A few years ago, multitasking was trendy, particularly if you were a woman. But things are changing. Now science is showing that our brains really can’t flip efficiently from one task to another. We need to focus on the same thing until it’s done and only then move on to something new. 

For instance, studies show that multitasking reduces productivity by a whopping 40 percent. That’s like losing Thursday and Friday from a standard, 5-day week. 

Hire Help

Whether you need a marketing agency or logistics service, hiring help is a great way to get things done. These third-party firms tend to be significantly more efficient than your staff because they’re working against the clock. They know that if they don’t get work done fast, they’ll lose money to the competition. 

Trick Yourself To Work Until 11 am

Telling yourself that you’re going to work from sunrise to sunset is demotivating. It’s just too long. All those hours doing stuff you hate: not good. 

But if you can convince yourself that you only want to work until 11 am, then life becomes much easier. That’s just a few hours away: it’s not so bad!

This approach is sometimes called the “11 am technique.” You just work with the mindset that you’re going to keep working until late morning and then you tell yourself you’ll stop. What you’ll find is that when 11 am does come, you can actually keep going and it’s not too painful. 

Work Using The Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro technique involves working for 25 minutes solidly on task without getting distracted and then taking a 5-minute break. Therefore, every half an hour, you’re working for 25 minutes and then taking a short breather to resin your composure. 

The idea here is to improve how you manage your time at work while giving you the rest that you need. Taking regular breaks avoids you from feeling drained. Just remember not to focus on the Pomodoro timer all the time. Try to get absorbed in what you’re doing. 

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