Testing, Testing…1…2…3

How Good Are You?

I am engaged in one of the biggest tests of my life. Starting your own business isn’t for everyone. It’s not something you jump into without a lot of thought, planning and figuring out how you can make money at it. I’ve seen a lot of business ventures fail. Here’s four big reasons:

  • No plan
  • Lack of clarity
  • Fear
  • Nobody wants what you’re selling

These are just some of the obstacles that I’ve run into since making the decision to launch Lifelong Leaders. I’ve had to figure out how to overcome, work through and learn through each of these. I’m being tested on a daily basis.

Some people avoid the tests. Some people take the tests and do nothing. Some people settle for where they’re at and what they’ve got.

Settling means we spend our days wishing for comfortable rather than working through uncomfortable.

Yet, uncomfortable is the exact spot where we truly get to see what we’re made of.

What If I’m Not Good Enough?

One of the best lessons I’m learning about testing myself is that it gives me a very clear picture of reality. I find out pretty quickly what I’m not good at and I get to make a choice. Remain comfortable with where I’m at OR work through uncomfortable to get better. If I ever choose the first response, I need to get out of the “starting-your-own-business” business.

When you test yourself, you put yourself out there. You realize where you’ve settled for comfortable. You acknowledge your own self-imposed limitations. You can honestly see where you need to improve.

You don’t have to start your own business to test yourself. That’s a pretty big test. But I bet there’s something you can do today to see where you stand: Have the brave conversation you’ve been avoiding. Share your art with a community of friends. Stand up for a cause or idea you truly believe in. Forgive. Jog. Sit with yourself in silence and listen to the things your heart tells you.

This is one of the first steps on a leadership path. No position necessary. Just the willingness to put yourself in the arena of uncomfortable. That will immediately begin to set you apart from most.

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