Building A Relationship Is The Key

I’m back in town. And by town, I mean Nampa, Idaho. I arrived last night after driving 1542.4 miles (2482.25 km) from Oklahoma City. This is where I lived prior to OKC. I’ve just moved back. I’m currently working on re-connecting with friends. It’s going to take a little while, but that’s true of most anything.

I’m in transition, so I’ll keep this post short. Here’s the takeaway: Building a relationship is the key to building just about anything else.

This is what is fueling my relocation, building a business from scratch and finding my footing in life.

The relationships you and I build – the ones that go a couple levels deeper than the norm – are CRUCIAL to anything we’re working on.

This leads me to the one question we need to ask: Who…?

Who do we need to invest in today? 
Who do we need to reach out to today? 
Who do we need to connect with today?

I know who I’m calling.

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More and more people want to be their OWN BOSS. Is that you? The thing most people don’t stop and consider is the kind of boss they’re going to be. The thing most newly minted entrepreneurs struggle with is figuring out how to best lead themselves.

That’s why I created a community for people who want to make their wisest leadership investment – in themselves. The community is called Lifelong Leaders and is launching soon.

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