Building A Relationship Is The Key

I’m back in town. And by town, I mean Nampa, Idaho. I arrived last night after driving 1542.4 miles (2482.25 km) from Oklahoma City. This is where I lived prior to OKC. I’ve just moved back. I’m currently working on re-connecting with friends. It’s going to take a little while, but that’s true of most anything.

I’m in transition, so I’ll keep this post short. Here’s the takeaway: Building a relationship is the key to building just about anything else.

This is what is fueling my relocation, building a business from scratch and finding my footing in life.

The relationships you and I build – the ones that go a couple levels deeper than the norm – are CRUCIAL to anything we’re working on.

This leads me to the one question we need to ask: Who…?

Who do we need to invest in today? 
Who do we need to reach out to today? 
Who do we need to connect with today?

I know who I’m calling.

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