Wanted to post a quick update for those of you who are interested in my progress with P90X. Today is Day #9 and I have been very faithful to the workout portion of this thing.

Last week, I was speaking up at the Northwest District (Nazarene) High School Camp. Let’s just say that camp food and the nutritional requirements of P90X don’t go hand in hand. I did my best though. I packed a bunch of protein bars and meal replacement bars. I even invited some of the campers to do Yoga X with me, but there were no takers (smart campers).

As far as results are concerned, I’m starting to see a difference. I did some measurements and since starting with pre-P90X on July 5, I’ve dropped a couple of inches in my waist and am adding some size to my arms. I’ve even lost about 9 lbs.

Another thing I’ve been able to do is use my experience with P90X as a teaching tool. When I ended camp last week, I encouraged the students to live out their faith and the decisions they made on a DAILY basis. You don’t grow in a day, you grow daily. I told them that most anyone could do P1X. But that doesn’t really change your life. Do it for 90 days…IN A ROW…and watch what happens.

Pretty good illustration for a lot of things if you ask me.

Also…the title for this post was something that my friend and better half of Team Campus Life, Kenton Lee, said to me this morning. So credit to him for a great new word.

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