Getting my P90X on (Day -7)

Today I (sort of) started P90X.

While I’d love to show you some of the “before” pics I’ve taken, I think I’ll save them for a later post that includes some “after” shots of a better looking version of me.

I spent the last few days getting ready to embark on this journey. In fact, as I went through some of the pre-tests to see what kind of shape I was in, I quickly discovered that I currently can’t use the word “shape” when describing my physical condition.

The program recommends that I start out with the Power 90 workout. Thus, when I said I am sort of starting P90X I meant that I’m not into the 90X part of it yet. That will more than likely start next Monday.

I did the Power 90 workout yesterday and today. I’d like to rename it Power Sweat or Power Gasping For Air. The workout makes me happy/sad. Happy that I’m doing this…sad that I’m not doing it very well.

Some people may wonder why I’m doing this…what’s my motivation? It’s simply really. I’m not being healthy and it’s getting harder as I get older to stay healthy. I feel like I’m at place in my life where I need to move more than I do and eat better. So I’m jumping in with both feet (which is a good exercise metaphor).

It’s funny to me that I can benchpress my own weight (which I won’t divulge at this time) but I can’t do ONE pullup. Kinda makes a guy feel like a wuss. Stay tuned for updates and injury reports.

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