My First Blog Post

I was a bit disappointed to find out that I can’t access the first 1200 “tweets” I wrote after I first joined Twitter. It appears that Twitter will keep your last 3200 and I’m at 4500+. If someone knows how to go back and find those I would be indebted to your knowledge.

While I was in my nostalgic mood, I also went back to see what I wrote for my first blog post. Prior to writing here at, I wrote at I may revive my work there at some point. But going back into the archives I found my first post. Here’s what I wrote on January 12, 2005:

Most people don’t usually make a difference on accident.  Neither do they do it all the time on purpose.  But somewhere…in the middle…along the way, they made a choice to be the kind of person that – in the right circumstances – the right opportunity – they end up making a difference.

As I read it, I had a few quick thoughts…

  1. I was really glad my first blog post didn’t say: “Hey world! I’m now blogging. Stay tuned to hear me write something really profound!”
  2. It’s nice to see that something I wrote then is still a bit inspiring today.
  3. I’m glad that the topic of making a difference has become one of the core leadership skills I teach my students (the perspective of a difference maker).
  4. Short blog posts were great in 2005 and continue to be great in 2010.
  5. I would probably argue with myself and say “making a difference” often occurs in the “wrong” circumstances and when there aren’t any “right” opportunities. That’s why we need leaders.

Have you ever gone back and read some of the things you wrote and talked about five or ten years ago? What did you think?

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