Effective Offline Brand Strategies

This is a guest post by Rachel Matthews

Online marketing is all the rage these days and for good reason. Each day, more people are turning to the internet in search of the products or services they need. However, an effective brand marketing strategy should be multi-dimensional. Effective brand marketing involves not only making your business visible but also building trust in your brand.


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Don’t neglect offline marketing strategies or you will end up losing potential customers. Here are some effective offline marketing strategies that will complement your online efforts by helping to build trust in your brand while making it more visible.

Promotional Items

Promotional items have been a marketing mainstay for many years. Think back to the days when banks would give away toasters for opening an account. How many times have you used a pen that was embossed with a company name and contact information? Coffee mugs are also highly favored promotional items–practically everyone has owned at least one in their life.

Promotional items give you a chance to say something about your company beyond simply advertising your name and contact information. When deciding what promotional items you offer, consider what you want the item to say about your company.

For example, offering personalized tote bags conveys the message that your company is creative and innovative. Notebooks and organizers can convey the messages of usefulness, organization, and professionalism. Decide what you want to say about your company and choose promotional items that will convey this intended message.

Drop Cards

These are great ways of attracting attention to your business. Drop cards are similar to business cards yet they are designed to be noticed and picked up by prospective customers as opposed to simply being handed out. The trick is to leave them in settings where prospective customers will congregate. Choose a design that will attract their attention and spark curiosity, causing them to pick it up on their own.

Drop cards can also say something about your business philosophies. For example, if one of your main selling points is to save your customers money, you can create drop cards that look like a dollar bill on the outside and provides information about how your business can save customers money on the inside.

When using drop cards, always remember to get permission from the owners of the establishments you intend to leave them–don’t litter. Otherwise, you risk attracting negative attention to your business and your brand.

Sponsor a Community Organization

Becoming a business sponsor for a community organization not only provides a way to advertise your brand but it also offers a way to give back to your customers while building trust in your brand. Show that you are helping the community and not just profiting from them.

Children’s sports teams are often in need of business sponsors to help cover the costs of uniforms and equipment. In many cases, the sponsor name appears on the uniforms and/or at the team’s home field location. Other organizations can include local school bands or choirs and scouting organizations (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc.)

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. The most effective marketing campaigns are those which convey the proper message to the proper audience in a memorable manner. Get creative and have fun with it!

Rachel Matthews is a recent grad with a background in business and marketing. She enjoys sharing her insights on both of these subjects through her freelance writing. You can usually find her engaging in standard generation Y activities like texting, tweeting, vine-ing, and longing after the latest tech releases.

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