How To Find Time

Sometimes I think that time is hiding from me. That throughout the day, a few hours here and there will sneak away and I’ll lose sight of them. So I end up with only 18-20 hour days. And I find myself asking, Where did the time go?

I think busyness allows time to hide from me, and poor planning, and perhaps a lack of discipline. Have you noticed how some people seem to accomplish a lot more than others? Have you ever met with someone on a regular basis and that person keeps showing up with new projects completed and new ideas implemented? I know I have…and I sometimes want to punch them in the neck.

But before I throw any blows, I want to ask these people how they do it. How do you find the time?

Categorically Speaking

category 3 by ritchielee on flickrStarting a personal blog requires one to think about the various roles and topics that one might write about. The way you organize all of the random thoughts into some type of organized resource is through categories.

For me, I spent about an hour with my moleskine notebook writing down all of the various categories I felt like future posts might fall into. At the end of my brainstorming session, I had about 35 categories. Way too many. The next task was to whittle them down. This can be both liberating and bittersweet as you put a line through something that you thought for sure would earn a “category” ranking.