It Doesn’t Have To Be Lonely At The Top

I’ve been writing quite a bit on the importance of leading yourself first. I believe it’s important – even foundational – as a prerequisite to  the effort and energy we use trying to lead others. But it’s not all about “me.” In fact, the motivation to lead yourself first finds its greatest meaning and significance when its about serving others.

If all we focus on is trying to create a better version of ourselves – if that becomes the end of all of our means – we will find the effort less rewarding. Individualism is a religion that has left many all alone at the top of their world.


I am going to make up a new word. At least I think it’s a new word.


Screenspective is perspective shaped through screens. It’s a view of the world formed by the various screens one looks at.

Let’s take a quick poll. How many of you are reading this on some type of screen? Unanimous!

I use a screen to get information.
I use a screen to market to others.
I use a screen to communicate with others.
I use a screen to watch life in my community.
I use a screen to watch life in everyone else’s community.
I use a screen to tell time.
I use a screen to entertain.
I use a screen to teach.
I use a screen to learn.
I use a screen to engage others.
I use a screen to disengage from others.

I use a screen every…single…day.

It’s tempting to say “well that’s just the way it is.” We love technology (I love technology). But if we always keep our eyes on the screen we run the risk of missing the out on the life that’s playing out right in front of us. Leashed to the technology of our cell phone screen or our laptop screen or our iPod/iPad screen – we may find our attention diverted. Concepts like proximity and community slowly lose their meaning. Our connection to the screen community can lead to a disconnect with the community that lives next door (or is standing right beside us in line).

If our eye’s are always on a screen, then our view of the world is shaped by our screenspective. Screenspective influences our overall perspective. Did I mention how much I love screens (and the technology behind them)? Most of the ways we use screens are incredibly beneficial. Screens are changing our world. They’re making the world smaller. But is there a dark side we should be aware of?

I guess it comes down to what we do with our eyes. If our eyes are always looking for the next screen, we’ll miss out on some pretty good things – like looking into the eyes of others.

What do you think? What do you see as the benefits/consequences of a screen-filled world?

Living The Standard

We all have standards we live by. Some of them are based on the expectations of others. Some are self-imposed.

I recently unveiled a “standard” on our campus. This came about through various conversations and initiatives centered around the goal of creating a better student experience on our campus. We wanted to emphasize the potential in each person, as well as the capacity we all share for constant improvement. It was our desire to begin to change the culture of our campus by introducing language we could all use.

Thus, “The Standard” was launched. It simply says…

Doing your very best for the very best of NNU!

When we talk about a standard, we’re describing a rule or principle that is used as a basis for judgment. Coupled with the idea of doing one’s very best (def: of the highest quality, excellence, or standing) we hope to demonstrate the connection between each person who shares the common bond of being a part of this unique community known as NNU (Northwest Nazarene University).