All By Yourself

It’s easy to step into a new position and immediately think about all of the things YOU have to do. This is because YOU want to do what needs to be done and YOU want to do it well.

But doing can sometimes get in the way of leading.

If you do everything by yourself, you’re not a leader, you’re a worker.

The Day After P90X

…is just like any other day.

Except you’re in a lot better shape then you were 92 days ago.
Except you find your pants don’t really fit anymore.
Except you don’t eat a lot of junk food (if any).
Except you feel like you need to get a good workout in.
Except you have developed some really healthy habits.

I Completed P90X!

Today is Day #91 of P90X for me. It’s over…but it’s not over.

All I can say is…What a ride!


Near the end of June 2010, in the midst of a fairly mundane summer, I’d had enough. I weighed the most I’d ever weighed. I would jog around the block and it would take me an hour to recover. While I was pretty strong, there was no stamina or much definition in my muscles. In fact, I was beginning to think the only thing that would bring about a healthy change in my life was some type of crisis.

Some of my friends had gone through P90X before (or at least attempted to). I saw ads for the program during late night infomercials. I didn’t know much about it except that the before and after pics demonstrated amazing results.I really questioned if I was in good enough shape to start a program like this. P90X comes with a lot of disclaimers about the level of intensity it demands.

But I made a decision one day this past June – I had this exact thought: I need a mountain to climb.