The Right Kind Of Leadership Currency

I believe every leader, or person aspiring to be a leader, has a certain amount of leadership currency. Some leaders actually think their leadership currency is real currency (money). They’re wrong. You can’t buy respect, confidence, and reputation (at least not the kind that lasts) with money. But you can earn these things using the right kind of leadership currency.

My son recently had one of his baseball coaches resign from the team. The former coach stated that he didn’t feel like the players respected him. In hindsight, it appears he wasn’t spending the right kind of leadership currency necessary to earn the respect of the players. Sometimes I’m amazed at the coach who knows how to coach a sport, but don’t know much about coaching people. When a leader (or a person in a position of leadership) begins to spend the right kind of leadership currency, he or she will see their influence grow. Without it, the ability to influence others devolves into a demanding, do-what-I-say-or-else type of bossiness.

The right kind of leadership currency to spend with followers includes each of these areas: