Where Is The Trust?

I pass by one of these just about everyday. I rarely use it. But when I do, it demands that I act with integrity and honesty every time. I think it’s the last bastion (def: anything seen as preserving or protecting some quality, condition) of trust in our society.

It’s the newsstand.

These unmanned (gender inclusive term) kiosks of information just sit there, unguarded and available to all. You just put the prescribed money into the slot (no pennies please) and you can open the door and pull out a newspaper…or two…or three…or all that’s left.

Now I know that there is some sense of social awkwardness or norms of society that may keep someone from doing that. But there’s not even a sign. I’ve never seen anything that says, “Take one paper only.” We just know. The newspaper people simply trust that those who buy a paper will buy “A” paper.

In an age where everything has to be locked up – where even my identity can be stolen from me – it’s nice to see that there is still a place where we just put it out there and trust that each person will make the right decision. There is still a symbol out there that shows that there is still good in the world.

I don’t mean to be overly dramatic, but can you think of any other place where we simply trust each other that we’ll do the right thing? I don’t mean in your church, or your social group, or even in your neighborhood. I mean for anyone and everyone?

I call “dibs” on the newsstand. What would yours be?

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  1. You are trusted every time the offering plate goes by in church! 🙂

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