Tweedership [Page 21]

Yesterday, in my post about Introducing Twitter to Millenials, I mentioned my book, Tweedership.

Tweedership is a compilation of a year’s worth of tweets on the topic of leadership. It’s packed full of ideas, wisdom, lessons, insights, and advice on leading well (both yourself and others).

To give you a sample of what you’ll find in Tweedership, I picked a random page to share all of the tweets on that page. So without any further ado, here’s page 21:

What is something that is free but extremely valuable? Encouragement. Take the time to give someone the free gift of encouragement today.

Helping student leaders learn to pay attention by slowing down. Less busyness = more awareness!

Many times creativity comes through conversation. Are you talking to those around you? Or going it alone? Conversations unveil creativity.

Good character is crucial. Don’t make a promise in the moment that can’t be fulfilled in the future.

Practice doesn’t make one perfect. Practice makes one better prepared.

Many things in life are all about vantage point and perspective. Trouble leading people lately? Try to see life through their point of view.

Some people don’t change when they see the light. Instead they wait until they feel the heat.

How do you get people excited and on board with something you are doing? Make it easy, make it personal, make it something with meaning.

If your leadership vision keeps changing all the time, it’s not a vision…it’s a mirage.

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