Tips To Be The Best Boss

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If you want to be the best boss, you can learn how, but it takes more than merely performing the boss’s role and ensuring all the tasks are ticked off the list. To be the best boss, you need to engage your staff – your staff are the engine room of your business – and get to know them on a personal as well as professional level. Luckily, there are some tried and tested ways to improve your performance as a boss and gain a reputation as the best. 

Be honest

Honesty in the world of business can be a double-edged sword; sometimes, it works for you, other times against. And there are different forms of honesty, even more so when you’re a boss. There is full disclosure, which can sometimes be the best option, or concealing the truth in vague abstraction, perhaps because you don’t know yourself how a certain situation will unfold. However, when communicating with employees, it can be useful to explain your position so they understand the reasons behind your decisions. 


Being a boss means being a leader as well, and leaders aren’t like they used to be. They no longer ride horses and command armies, expecting their every request to be honored and adhered to. These days a leader must be open and approachable. There needs to be lines of communication in which staff and colleagues know they engage with you on a personal or professional basis. When they do, you need to listen to what they say and understand their position. It will make all the difference in how you are perceived and how successful you are as a boss.

Reward and Recognize 

Rewards and motivations are something that can fall flat if not done well. You might think it a good idea to reward on a weekly basis, but it will soon become tired and predictable. Your staff will lose interest, and it may become a bit of a joke. You want your staff to be genuinely interested in the rewards and talk about them in their own time. 8f you walk into the staff room, and rewards are the topic of conversation, you’ve hit a home run. Keep the reward special, surprising, motivating, and relevant to your line of business. 

Be Clear 

The business environment is no place for fluff and irrelevance. Those attributes will likely cost your company revenue and reputation. When you make requests or talk to staff, don’t be vague or ambiguous – unless you have a reason to do so – it will waste time, energy, and focus. Instead, be efficient, the same as your Managed IT Services. Issue your instructions with direct speech and easy to understand words, ensure that you get your message across in the way that it needs to be understood. This will avoid miscommunication and complications down the line. 

Include Surprises 

When you consider your annual budget make some space for surprises and gifts for staff. These can include cinema tickets, theatre tickets, restaurant vouchers, take-out evenings. It’s up to you or whoever you appoint to facilitate the surprises. These gifts can be offered to employees who excel at their jobs, do extra overtime, or stand out for some reason. But don’t forget your other staff either; they still count, include them in take-out nights and prize draws. 

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