Six Solid Signs Your Business Is Insecure

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When you are in charge of a business, you are in charge of leading it so that it remains as safe as possible. Not only do you want to protect your livelihood, you are protecting your staff, too. A secure business is one that does everything possible to keep dta, people and property safe. This is the part where you have to ask yourself what you’re doing to make a difference? 

If your business isn’t secure, you are going to risk having more than just private information stolen. You’re risking your business failing entirely! So, if you are worried that your business is insecure, check out our six signs that you need to keep a closer eye on things. Let’s take a look:

You don’t have the right processes in place to secure data

It’s a big mistake that businesses make but it’s surprisingly common. Your systems are at risk if you don’t have blocks in place to stop everyone accessing your data. You need more than just a password, but you need to restrict the number of people who can access the important data.

You are lacking in your employee training

If you don’t put the money and time into training your staff, you’re going to risk everything. People need to know what services and data they can access, but they’re only going to know if you are willing to train them up. So, education on safety standards and processes is a must. If there is data to protect, you’ve got to teach people about it and about how to manage it all. This can help you to avoid employee errors.

You chose awful passwords

Passwords are one of the reasons that data is breached repeatedly in a business. You need to make sure that log in passwords are more than just the word “password”! You need a mix of symbols, letters and numbers to ensure that your data and your systems are intact and protected.

There is no alarm system

If you own this building and the office itself, you need a decent alarm system. Without one you are risking break-ins, fires, equipment failures and more. Without the right alarm system, you’re going to potentially lose a lot of money and void your insurance at the same time.

Infrequent back ups 

Your business data needs to be backed up every day. Cloud services, or the use of services like Charles IT can help you to keep up with it. Without reliable backups, you may lose your data and find that your customers follow not long after. You are also risking corruption in your systems when you store data locally, too.

You don’t have an IT manager

You need to have someone working for you to manage your IT systems. They will be able to make sure that your cybersecurity is on point to combat any problems or attacks.

Managing your business is important, but making sure that it’s secure is even more so. Make these changes and your business will be secure.

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