Self-Discipline Isn’t Convenient

Self-discipline sounds a lot like punishing myself.

It’s all about sacrificing what I want to do for what I have to do. It’s “making myself do the thing I have to do, when it ought to be done, whether I like it or not.” (Huxley).

Back in June, 2013, Time ran an article that described a study showing that Self-Disciplined People Are Happier.

“…the researchers found a strong connection between higher levels of self-control and life satisfaction. The authors write that “feeling good rather than bad may be a core benefit of having good self-control, and being well satisfied with life is an important consequence.”

The good news is you and I can learn to become more self-disciplined. We can get better at it. It can be developed, but it has to be developed from the inside out.

Personally, I want to become better in the area of self-discipline. I need it for all of the things I want to accomplish. Without it, I’m flailing around in my productivity.

This is why I’m going to invest the next few posts on my site to the topic of self-discipline. I we need to be reminded about the power and productivity that comes from a self-disciplined life.

Self-Discipline Thought #1: Self-discipline isn’t convenient, it’s commitment.

It’s not all that difficult to make a commitment. What’s difficult is keeping and managing that commitment. The real work begins after the commitment is made and the deadlines and demands start approaching.

Self-discipline is the price I pay to keep my commitment. Self-discipline is the action I take on a regular basis to follow through on a commitment. Self-discipline means because I said yes to something, I will have to say no to other things.

Maybe you’ve committed to write more, or lose some weight, or build a side business. The minute we say yes to commitments like those, we limit our options. We make a decision and then manage that decision to accomplish something that we wouldn’t normally be able to accomplish without the focused effort that comes through self-discipline.

Keeping my options open keeps me on the wandering circle of convenience. Self-discipline keeps me on the path of my promises.

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