New Book: Leadership Is Not About You

LINAY_Cover_DesignYou elected or selected students in your school, church, or organization to be leaders. You even call them student leaders.

But now they’re doing everything by themselves. They are working hard, but they’re not leading…anyone…else.

I’ve just released my latest book, Leadership Is Not About You. It’s the follow-up book to Leadership Starts With You.

I put this book in the hands of every one of my student leaders. It’s a quick and easy read, yet the principles it contains will shape their leadership beyond their student leadership year.

I wrote this book for my student leaders for three reasons:

1. To teach my student leaders the quickest path to establish their leadership credibility during their student leadership year.
2. To focus my student leaders on investing in the lives of others through their leadership platform.
3. To equip my student leaders to become the type of people others want to follow.

The Leadership Is Not About You Launch: 1/13/14

To celebrate the release of this book, I will be launching the book next week with some bonus material.

The launch will run from January 13-22, 2014. During that 10 day period, when you purchase the paperback copy through you will receive the following bonus material:

  • The audio version of Leadership Is Not About You (read by me!)
  • The Kindle version of Leadership Is Not About You (.mobi file)
  • The Leadership Is Not About You study guide

HERE’S HOW: To receive these bonuses, simply copy and paste your receipt from Amazon into an email, showing you purchased the book between January 13-22, 2014. Send it to [email protected]. I will respond to your email with a special link to access all of the bonus material.


Inspire Your Student Leaders

Here is an excerpt from the Introduction:

You can inspire your followers through the opportunities you have to get behind them. You are in a position to challenge them to live up to their potential and do their best. You can help others realize their unique gifts and talents and skills and passions. You will find that people follow your leadership because you serve their needs rather than strut your stuff.

When you understand that leadership is not about you, you’ll put the needs of others before your own. You’ll make others feel better about themselves when they’re in your presence. You’ll connect them to other people and projects where they’ll discover a greater sense of purpose and meaning in their lives.

When it’s not about you, you understand that it takes giving away all you can for others instead of taking all you can for yourself.

Your leadership position is a platform. You get to choose how you use it. Will you be selfish or selfless?


Will You Help Me Launch This Book?

I need your help getting the word out. I am blessed to have a team of people who assist me in putting tools and resources like this into the hands of student leaders. Will you be a part of my team during this launch?

Here’s how you can assist:

  1. Share about the launch through your social media channels (twitter, facebook, linkedin, pinterest, instagram, etc). Link back to this post.
  2. Buy the book and write a review on
  3. Let me share a guest post on your blog or website with content from the book during the 10 day launch period.


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