Life Is Too Heavy For One Person To Carry

A box that is too heavy to lift by yourself requires you to do one of two things:

  1. Innovate a clever way to get the box off the ground using a combination of tools, leverage and ingenuity.
  2. Ask someone else to help you.

Both options have benefits. The first approach has led to the creation of a lot of useful devices, things like pullies, dollies and mechanical lifts. The second approach has led to the creation of more meaningful relationships, things like teamwork, reliance and community. Outsourcing, agencies, reputation management companies and freelancers.

We’re often drawn to the first approach because we don’t want to bother someone else with our work or our problem. We’d rather solve it all by ourselves. We don’t like being the one who asks for help.

But we do like it when someone asks us for help. Why?

When we choose the first approach, we limit ourselves because we only rely on ourselves. When we choose the second approach, we gain a lot more than getting a heavy box off the ground.

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