Let’s Nail That Job Interview!

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You have handed in your CV and you have received the call; you have got an interview! Your first emotions are joy that you have managed to proceed to the next stage of the recruitment process. But, you then begin to panic! You hate interviews (well, most people do) and you worry about what the interviewer is going to ask you. How do you prepare? What do you need to know? Don’t worry; the tips in this article can help you for any interviews for consulting jobs. 

The first thing you need to do is learn as much about the company as possible. It is likely that the interviewer will ask you why you want to work there. It is always better to give a more specific answer that shows you have researched and you know the core values of the company. Generic answers, such as “I like the working environment here”, don’t really have any substance. However, you could say something like; “I really appreciate the fact that this is a family-run business, I think it shows in the quality of attention and the customer care associated with this company, and that is very much an environment I’d love to be a part of.” 

You should not find it too difficult to divulge information about the company. The internet is a handy tool – spend a decent amount of time reading all areas of their website. Make notes: Have they won any awards recently? When were they established? What services do they offer? 

One question that is likely to be asked in an interview has already been revealed, however, it is recommended you research as many potential interview questions as possible. Furthermore, you should practice them – say your answers out loud. This will make you feel more confident and when you do the interview you will sound a lot more assertive. 

The following questions are some of the most popular from interviews for different consulting jobs: What do you believe is the most interesting aspect of your CV? What are your goals for the future? What skills do you believe are needed to succeed in consultancy? How would you deal with any difficulties with your boss or your co-workers? What do you think could be your biggest weakness related to this job? You and your consultancy team face the following challenge, what do you do? 

After you have researched the company in question and you have practised potential questions you simply need to concern yourself with all of the little particulars that are essential to give a good impression. For example, you simply must not be late – no matter what the circumstance is. Make sure that you dress smartly and always look your interviewer in the eye. And finally, let your personality shine through, don’t hold back. This something experts like Karan Bajaj will testify to!

Use this article as a guide and let it help you to ace any interview you have. An impressive interview is assured to get you the consulting job you are after. Research, practice, and be presentable. 

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