Learning To Share Isn’t Just For Kids

Sharing is the platform for social media.
Sharing is the skeleton key that unlocks the door to opportunity.
Sharing is the new marketing tool.
Sharing is the ethic of an online community.
Sharing is the way to begin a conversation.
Sharing is the artform of a digital generation.
Sharing is the antithesis of secrets.
Sharing is the avenue through which followers become friends.

When you’re a two year old, your toybox is your most prized possession. Looking across the carpet at that other two year old who came over for a play date and happens to have your lego’s in his mouth causes you to lash out and grab it with instinctual ferocity.


At that instant, the loving and caring and somewhat-embarrassed-by-your-proprietary-outburst parent instructs you that you need to learn to share. It’s a lesson we all have to learn. Sometimes, we find we’re still learning it.

Today I’m grateful for the millions of people on the internet who are willing to share their stuff. They give it away. They put it on the web for anyone and everyone to see (and use). Sharing is a very satisfying currency in the internet economy.

This is why I created an entire page dedicated to resources (only one of which has a price tag attached). I want to offer some of my best stuff to others. I find there’s great value in sharing my stuff.

But more than tooting my own horn, I think it’s even more meaningful when I’m able to share the good work of others. The best kind of sharing is when I find something of value someone else created and point others toward it (by tweeting, linking, digging, stumbling, liking, or posting about it).

The beauty of this whole thing is that the folks on the internet recognize and reward those who take the time to share. It’s the law of sowing and reaping. If you help enough other people in your sharing, you’ll be amazed at how much comes back to you in tangible and intangible ways.

So let’s start sharing people. Here’s some practical ideas to get you started:

  1. Write a post about someone else’s blog.
  2. Tweet about someone else’s accomplishment or article.
  3. Press the “like” button as often as you can.
  4. Review someone’s book and post it online in more than one place.
  5. Spend a little cash to encourage someone else’s art.
  6. Post a comment on someone else’s blog.
  7. Always say thank you whenever someone does one of these things for you.

What are some other ways we can share what we have with others?

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