Leadership Starts With You (The Webinar)

I recently did a “live” webinar for the amazing sales associates of Thirty One gifts. This webinar was hosted by Courtney Hawkins. She is a Senior Executive Director at Thirty One Gifts.

We recorded the webinar and I wanted to make it available to you. You can access it by clicking the picture or the link below.

Webinar Title: Leadership Starts With You
Length: 1:12:00
Topic: Every single person lives with the responsibility to lead him or herself well. Self-leadership precedes successful leadership. In this webinar, I cover seven key areas that each person can develop and grow in their personal, leadership journey.
Feedback: At the end of the webinar, Courtney sent me the following message: YOU are AAAAAAAMAZING! I am LOOOOOVING everything you are sharing! YOU are awesome!!!!!!!

Leadership Starts With You Webinar

Click Here To View The Webinar


Question: What are you doing on a daily basis to lead yourself well?

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