Is Delegation The Key To Success?

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In your journey through life and business, you probably strive towards a self-sufficient, independent mindset. After all, we constantly hear inspirational stories of entrepreneurs who ‘did it all themselves’ out of a garage, and the ideal businessman is one who can solve problems and take care of themselves and their company. Whilst this is an admirable aim, let’s not forget what happened to those garage entrepreneurs next. Did they spend their whole careers working by themselves out of a shed? Probably not! Eventually, they moved out, set up offices, and started delegating tasks to others so they could be free to grow their business. Delegation is a very important skill to grow – however, it’s important to know where and how to direct certain tasks for maximum efficiency.

Clear Delineations

As you begin building a company, particularly if you are starting with a very small staff, it is very important that each person clearly knows their tasks. No one likes to have their toes stepped on, and as you begin to delegate, clear lines of responsibility will help everyone to know where they stand. Try writing up a document with a list of all the tasks you used to do yourself. Then, split those tasks between the team, making sure the workload is spread evenly. Having a written document like this will help clarify any issues, and give you the peace of mind to know each task is being taken care of.


When it comes to business services such as IT support, SEO, and even marketing, sometimes the task can grow so unwieldy that even effective delegation within your team becomes impossible. This is when you will need to delegate outside your company itself, by contracting services that can handle a specific area of your business for you, allowing you to stop worrying and focus on more important areas. External companies can be particularly useful when it comes to areas such as HR, offering an objective service to both you and your employees which will help keep the company running smoothly with minimal fuss.


Trust is such a keyword when it comes to effective delegation. Trust in your employees, and you will reduce stress, increase efficiency, and take a huge weight off your shoulders. It will also help you to avoid becoming one of those awful micro-managing bosses who cannot let go of the tasks you used to do yourself. Learn to trust those you are delegating to, and see them grow as employees and as people. This can be an incredibly rewarding part of delegation, as you will see your staff invest as much energy and love into your business as you do yourself.


Whilst there are other important factors to becoming a success in business, including the strength of an idea and other organizational skills, the ability to delegate is still a vital skill. Delegating effectively, by trusting your employees, setting clear tasks, and utilizing external bodies, will allow you to focus on the growth and prosperity of your business.

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