Hustle N’flow: Growing Your Business on the Side

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One of the hallmarks of the modern world is the venerable side hustle. When you are trying to grow a business, even if it is a side hustle, you must remember that you’ve got to get the balance right. Working a full-time job is busy enough in itself but when you are too busy in every aspect of your life it can be a struggle emotionally, physically, and mentally. But what does it take to make sure that you can grow a side hustle effectively? How can you grow this by putting enough attention into it, but also making sure that it doesn’t overwhelm you in the process?

Find a Full-Time Job That Doesn’t Distract You

We all need to bring home the money, but when we do a job that demands a lot of us, we can let our side hustle lag behind. This means that we’ve got to find the right job that doesn’t zap our mental energies. Finding a full-time job that can give you the energy to focus on the things that are important are in abundance, but you just have to know where to look. For example, you can look at Shiply’s load board to find delivery jobs which gives you the opportunity to just get on the road and not put much thought into what you are doing. And doing a job like this can give you the opportunity to play podcasts on your phone while you are driving, so you can listen and educate yourself. 

Chip Away at the Prospect

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you can’t think that you will make a success of your business in the space of 6 months. The best thing about having a side hustle is that you can grow it gradually and make sure it doesn’t go beyond your skillset. Using a side hustle is the perfect way to develop something slowly but surely because of its minuscule stature. Learning to chip away at one aspect, whether it is learning how to improve your SEO or helping you to develop a better business mindset, by chipping away at these little things you are going in the right direction. It is going to help you significantly when you are under pressure and doing it full-time while also trying to hold down a permanent job. That point will come!

Don’t Feel That You Need to Jump in Right Away

You may think that being a first-mover will put you at a distinct advantage. Over history, there have been countless examples of successful later movers. For example, Google was not the first search engine! And it’s important to bide your time. Going back to the previous point, if you can build up your business gradually and get a thorough understanding of each component, it’s going to serve you a lot better. But conversely, don’t feel that you need to wait until the stars align. Delaying yourself will cause problems for your business in the long run, especially if you miss the market. Think big, but start small.

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