How To Make SIX Figures In The Next 30 Seconds

I’ve started spending a bit more time on social media. I’m looking to foster more connections and create better ways for people to understand who I am and how we might work together. One thing I am noticing (a lot) is the abundance of ads nestled in between people’s posts. I know these ads are targeted at me. Here’s some of the things they promise:

  • If your number one goal is to help people, I’ll help you make 6 figures doing it.
  • I discovered the secret to unlocking other people’s secrets. Download my ebook and then open your wallet.
  • If you thought you knew how to use (insert social media platform of choice), you’ve got it ALL wrong. I can show you how to use that free app for a small four-figure fee.

You’ve seen these, haven’t you? It seems too good to be true. And you know what? It is. But I’m still kind of tempted. Right? They’ve used some kind of psychological, instant-gratification, quick fix hocus pocus on me (over and over and over). I get tempted when I forget what it is I’M working on. I get tempted when I think there’s a golden brick road that I haven’t discovered yet that would provide a shortcut to my goals. I get tempted. We all do.

Now those systems, tweaks, hacks and strategies may work for some. If that’s you…go for it and let me know how it worked. But for ME (and maybe for you), the process of growing something significant is slower, more organic and much more relational.

So I’m thinking about my own strategy. If I were to create my own ad, based on my approach, it might look something like this:

  • I can’t help you make six figures, but I can help you inspire six people.
  • You don’t need to boost your latest post, you need to boost your spirits.
  • Don’t click to like this link, call me to link up and talk about it.
  • You may not gain more followers, but you’ll develop greater influence.
  • I can’t give you advice on keywords, but I will walk alongside you to discover the key to your life.

Are you tempted by that? Deep down inside, I know I am. That’s how I want to serve. That’s how I want to be remembered.

I guess it all comes down to how you keep score. Are you measuring your value by the numbers on your social media accounts or are you keeping track of ways you can make the difference in someone else’s world?

If it’s the latter, then the only question I have for you and me today is this: What’s the score?

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