How To Be A Better Leader In 2021

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2020 has been, we can all agree, one of the hardest years our society has seen in a long time. If you run a business or manage a team, you might have felt the ramifications of 2020’s cruelty through conversations with your team, your financial losses, or even through personal struggles. 2020 is now coming to a close, and none of us know what 2021 will bring; we all know, though, that 2021 isn’t going to be a breeze either.

As a leader, you are required to step up to the plate when everything seems to be getting the better of you. This can feel impossible, though, when you are struggling to cope with the weight of the situation on a personal level. Here are three ways you can be a better leader as we head into 2021.

Learning from the past

2020 has been scary, but to treat it as a “blip” once it is over would be to ignore the greater problems at large. Our society has struggled this year not only due to the pandemic, but due to our own ability to respond to it. Instead of ignoring what just happened and trying to move on with a brave face, true leadership means learning from the hard times and using them to inform our future decisions.

What does learning from the past mean to you? It could be that in the wake of hardship, decisions have to be made that won’t please everyone. It could be that looking after your own mental health should be a priority, even if you are a business leader responsible for others too. Whatever it means to you, learning from the past is essential as we head into a potentially turbulent 2021.

Staying on top of the logistics

Logistically speaking, there has never been a more important time to step up and be organised. Whether this means taking further training with companies such as, in order to better understand the financial world; or maybe you need to improve employee communication to boost productivity, the challenge of staying on top of the logistics is vital if we are going to thrive in 2021.

Teaching empathy

If there’s anything we can take away from 2020, it’s that empathy is the key to surviving difficult periods. We have all had to love our neighbour, even in the often savage business world. Having meaningful conversations with co-workers and offering a hand to anybody finding life too much to bear is vital for good leadership. The other key facet to being a good leader is being a teacher by showing others how to lead their own lives.

So as we journey into another potentially challenging year, as leaders we must focus on teaching empathy going forward. This creates a more dynamic, more joyful, more whole working environment for the team who keep your business on its feet. Empathy and kindness go a long way, so keep them at the forefront of your leadership practices. 

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