Going First Or Last

You find yourself in a leadership role. Now the question keeps crossing your mind, Where do I position myself to make the greatest impact?

Should I push or should I pull?
Do I get out in front or stay back and support?

Rather than make that kind of decision in the moment, I’ve started to compile a list of when a leader should go first and when a leader should go last.

When should a leader go first?

  • When taking responsibility.
  • When leading oneself.
  • When setting the example.
  • When something feels unsafe.
  • When righting a wrong.
  • When lining up to take the blame.

When should a leader go last?

  • When receiving praise.
  • When meeting the needs of the team.
  • When ensuring everyone has a chance to speak.
  • When lining up to eat (thank you Simon Sinek)

What would you add to this list?

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