Going First Or Last

You find yourself in a leadership role. Now the question keeps crossing your mind, Where do I position myself to make the greatest impact?

Should I push or should I pull?
Do I get out in front or stay back and support?

Rather than make that kind of decision in the moment, I’ve started to compile a list of when a leader should go first and when a leader should go last.

When should a leader go first?

  • When taking responsibility.
  • When leading oneself.
  • When setting the example.
  • When something feels unsafe.
  • When righting a wrong.
  • When lining up to take the blame.

When should a leader go last?

  • When receiving praise.
  • When meeting the needs of the team.
  • When ensuring everyone has a chance to speak.
  • When lining up to eat (thank you Simon Sinek)

What would you add to this list?

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More and more people want to be their OWN BOSS. Is that you? The thing most people don’t stop and consider is the kind of boss they’re going to be. The thing most newly minted entrepreneurs struggle with is figuring out how to best lead themselves.

That’s why I created a community for people who want to make their wisest leadership investment – in themselves. The community is called Lifelong Leaders and is launching soon.

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