Give Yourself A Chance

I’m engaging in my annual tradition of filling out my NCAA Tournament Bracket. Yup, March Madness is about to kill my productivity.

One of the easiest selections to make in the first round is the game between the #1 seeds vs #16 seeds. History shows that a #16 seed has NEVER beaten a #1 seed. Not once.

I guess that’s the closest thing you can get to a sure bet. Unless you’re one of the #16 seeds. At some point, these teams have to be thinking, we just need to make the tournament. If we can make the tournament, we at least give ourselves a chance.

A chance? Like one in a million? At least there’s still a chance.

There are a lot of teams that feel left out after Selection Sunday. They feel overlooked. They quickly come to the realization that you can’t win the tournament if you’re not in the tournament. They don’t even have the chance.

Sometimes, all you need is a chance. An opportunity. A moment in time where someone looks in your direction and says, “You’re turn.”

Unfortunately, opportunity doesn’t come around for everyone. Whether it’s a job, or a position, or a promotion. There are those who won’t even get the chance because they self-sabotage themselves in one way or another. They don’t prepare well. They don’t do the little things. They make poor choices…again and again.

The #16 seeds are always excited to make it to the Big Dance. Some of them have been selected outright and some will have to play one more game to earn their spot. But before the start of the games on Thursday, every one of them will push history aside and play the game, knowing they have a chance because their team is on the floor.

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