want to go higher?

As you can see, I often leave the trail and head for higher ground. That's my goal for you.

a six month coaching program designed for you

My #1 goal is to help you reach your #1 goal. My coaching is part sounding board, part challenge and part perspective. It's a six-month commitment designed to focus your mind, clarify your goals and achieve your dream.

why you need a coach

There's only so much you can accomplish by yourself. You need someone to walk alongside with you. Someone who can speak truth (sometimes hard truth) into your life and keep you moving forward. You find yourself...

  • Feeling a bit stuck in life – like you're just drifting from thing to thing
  • Battling some anxiety and not sure what to do about that
  • Knowing you have a passion to do something but not getting much opportunity
  • Struggling to explain to others what matters to most to you
  • Yearning to make a difference and searching for the right path to take

When I'm your coach, it looks like this:

  1. Two monthly coaching calls via Zoom (months 1-3)

  2. One monthly coaching call via Zoom (months 4-6)

  3. Video recording of the call for you to review any time

  4. Weekly accountability emails sent to you each Friday to check on your progress

  5. Unlimited priority email access to me to answer any questions you may have

  6. Book of the month mailed to you each month

our time will focus on two parts

Part One – We'll identify your #1 goal, the thing you want most. We'll address your fears, limiting beliefs and habits that have held you back. Once these are out in the open, we'll create strategies to address them and work through them.

Part Two – We'll work closely on your leadership perspective using the Lifelong Leader Approach. The Approach goes beyond preparing you to lead in a position. Leadership is personal. That's why you need mental models that you can use and adapt.


Let's schedule a 30-minute call to explore what it will look like to work together.