Let me share a brief message with you about coaching...

Let's schedule your free, 30-minute introduction call to help you:
• identify what's most important to you in the next six months
• explore the obstacles that are in your way
• create a plan to supercharge your growth and productivity

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"Working with Tim has brought me more confidence as a leader and business owner. He allows me to talk through and formulate ideas and plans by leading me through conversation with questions and offers feedback when needed. He is one of my biggest cheerleaders but also holds me to what I want to accomplish. Tim's coaching has been one of the best investments that I have made in myself and my business."
Brandy – Exec Director - Thirty One Gifts, Mom & Business Coach
"At first I was a little bit nervous about how the sessions would go, but Tim proved to be very good at honing in on what we should talk about and also an excellent listener. Not one moment in our conversations was ever awkward! He gave me the freedom to set the tone for our conversations, encouraged me to speak freely without any judgement, and pushed me to do things I may have overlooked otherwise. My greatest feat over the last six months has been that Tim really helped me lead myself better, which in turn has helped me lead others better!"
Fernanda – RN, pursuing her Masters Degree
why you need a coach

There's only so much you can accomplish by yourself. You need someone to walk alongside with you. Someone who can speak truth (sometimes hard truth) into your life and keep you moving forward. Do you find yourself...

  • Feeling a bit stuck in life – like you're just drifting from thing to thing
  • Wanting to be a better YOU – sooner and more strategically
  • Looking for greater meaning, purpose and fulfilling your passion
  • Trying to make a better income and bigger difference
  • Ready to make an investment in yourself

Everybody has a few blind spots. In fact, neuroscientists say we are unconscious of 95% of what goes on in our brains. Think about that! A good coach can see you as you are, without judgment, and help you be your best and achieve what you're built to do. You've tried everything you can do on your own. Now, let's take YOU to the next level!