Are You Playing To (Not) Lose?

There’s two types of skiers: those who ski to improve and those who ski not to fall.
There’s two types of students: those who study to learn and those who study to pass.
There’s two types of teams: those who play to win and those who play not to lose.

While each of these is an oversimplified dichotomy that may or may not exist…you get the idea.

Momentum is not maintained by…maintaining. Moving in the direction of growth, reward, and improvement involves risk. And pain. And overcoming fear.

Today (as with everyday) the challenge is simple: You can avoid the discomfort or you can embrace the discipline.

Now, let’s get practical. Only you know what it is you need to do to move forward. So let’s do it…

1. Fill in the blank: I will <action verb> today.
2. Write it on your calendar. Schedule time to do it today.
3. Tell someone. Ask them to call you tonight to ask how it went.
4. Focus during your scheduled time on that one thing (turn off any device that’s unnecessary).
5. Repeat (go for two days in a row).

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