Approaching A Career Change The Right Way

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels.

Many people change careers at some point in their working lives. In fact, it’s estimated that the average worker changes jobs almost twelve times in their lifetime. It’s a normal part of working that’s experienced by virtually everyone. Despite this statistic, changing occupation isn’t easy. Whether you’re leaving your current employer for a better role, or you’re changing careers completely, the process can be overwhelming.

An alarming number of the workforce are unhappy in their careers. Only 45% of American employees claim to be satisfied in their current roles. A third of workers feel that their career has reached a dead end. A recurring complaint is that employees lack passion and enthusiasm for what they are doing. 

When analyzing the above information, it becomes clear as to why people change jobs so frequently. While nobody wants to job hop forever, it’s important to be happy and fulfilled in life. People should approach a career change in a positive light. It is a means of bettering your present and your future. 

If you’re looking to make a career change, big or small, here are some approaches to consider. 

Digitize your portfolio

We are living in a technological era. You should modernize your resume and portfolio to give yourself the best chance of standing out above your competition. Create a digital resume and portfolio to share with potential employers. 

Set up profiles on job sites and optimize your LinkedIn profile to open yourself up to jobs, companies, and industry figures. Consider creating a personal portfolio website to demonstrate your previous work. 

Build a network

Networking can play a significant role in a seamless transition to a new industry. Utilize online networking sites, such as LinkedIn to connect with those who are involved in your target industry. You’d be surprised at how many people are willing to speak to you and advise you on how to hit the ground running in your new field. 

Always try to offer something in return when networking. This is key to establishing long-lasting business relationships.

Study industry leaders

To gain a firm foothold in any new role, it’s beneficial to be familiar with the industry. Give yourself the best possible chance at success by studying major companies or significant players in your field. 

For entrepreneurs, following someone like Gurbaksh Chahal can be very useful, as they have been successful in a variety of industries. This helps by giving you scope and insight into what skills can transition easily between these industries.

Prioritize creating a remote workplace

Although remote working has been becoming increasingly popular for years, many people weren’t aware of it until 2020. While much of the remote work that’s on-going is being done out of necessity, it looks set to stay.

The pandemic has shown a lot of businesses that they can operate adequately with a largely remote workforce. If this positively impacts their bottom line, they’re likely to continue with it. 

If you’re changing careers in the current climate, you must create a functional remote office. Ensure that you have enough space, a stable internet connection, virtual communication technology, and a good headset. 

This will give you the best possible chance of securing a new job.  

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