A Note To My Readers

Hello Friends, Readers, and Followers!

First of all, let me express how grateful I am for your interest and attention to this site. I’ve worked hard for the last six months to invest more time, energy, and writing here.

You’ve amazed me. My blog stats have more than doubled since January. I’m on the verge of breaking through 10,000 pageviews a month. Thank you!

Second, I hope you know I work hard to practice the various tips and strategies I write about here. I am taking this week to do some halftime work. I am contemplating a couple of things:

a. The effectiveness of writing 4-5 posts a week.
b. Adding a “weekly-ish” newsletter aimed at developing lifelong leaders.

I’ll be taking a poll when I get back seeking the feedback of my community here. I write for you and want to continue to offer a resource that meets your needs.

Finally, I’m going to step away from the daily blog routine for the next ten days. I want to dedicate the rest of this week to evaluating this site. Next week, I’ll be speaking at a High School Camp in Southern California.

While I’m away, I’m going pull my most popular posts over the last few years and republish them. I believe each one contains a message which is still relevant and meaningful. I trust you’ll enjoy reading or re-reading them.

I’ll be back with a brand new post on July 16, 2012.

Always appreciative of your support,

Tim Milburn

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