10 Reasons Why I Tweet

People often ask me why I tweet so often.

I love the potential and possibilities that exist within the social networking platform known as Twitter. It’s a cool tool if used effectively.

I joined Twitter in March, 2007. My first tweet simply said, “I just joined twitter…”

And nothing happened.

That might have been your experience as well following your first tweet.

Since then, I’ve found a lot of amazing people to follow. I’ve offered the Twitter world almost 10,000 tweets. I have developed relationships, friendships, and partnerships through Twitter.

With that in mind, here are ten reasons why I invest a few minutes each day on Twitter:

1. I tweet because it is a powerful social media tool and communication technology.

2. I tweet because it gives me access to people and information I couldn’t normally get close to through other channels of communication.

3. I tweet because it’s a great place to get questions answered and research information in REAL TIME.

4. I tweet because it is another way to increase my influence in the world.

5. I tweet because it helps me stay in contact with people.

6. I tweet because it exposes me to a lot of various thoughts and ideas I might not know about otherwise.

7. I tweet because it adds a whole new level of interaction around big events that I’m actually experiencing or experiencing through Twitter.

8. I tweet because it is another unique way to let people know what I’m doing, what I’m interested in, and what has my attention.

9. I tweet because there are a lot of interesting people tweeting and I don’t want to miss out.

10. I tweet because the only way you understand, learn, get better at, develop your voice, and immerse yourself in Twitter is to actually TWEET!

When I tweet, I use two tools:

Hootsuite (browser-based) on my Mac
Tweetbot on my iPhone/iPad

If someone asked you why you tweet, what would you say? Reply in the comments below.

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